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About us Air PuContactrifier,Water Purifier Manufacturer Jak Chan from Haike ,Oem Odm Air Purifier Service-time for 6 years,Hope to cooperate with you! For 7 years, JakChan is still devoting to Producing Air Purifiers! Contact:Jak Chan Vedio: https://youtu.be/UZJXqJzAj78 GZHAIKE(15 years experience ) OEM AIR PURIFIER &n...

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Company: Air Purifier,Water Purifier Guangzhou Haike Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Jak Chan

Tel: 86-13538724001

Phone: 86-13538724001

E-mail: director@purifier.wang

Address: Workshop 3,Tainan load 613 ,Dongchong town,Nansha,Guangzhou

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